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Technology Advisors

Philipp Koehn
University of Edinburgh

Philipp KoehnPhilipp Koehn is a reader at the University of Edinburgh. He received his PhD from the University of Southern California, where he was a research assistant at the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) from 1997 to 2003. He was a postdoctoral research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2004, and joined the University of Edinburgh as a lecturer in 2005. His research centers on statistical machine translation, but he has also worked on speech in 1999 at AT&T Research Labs and text classification in 2000 at Whizbang Labs.

Besides his research, his major contributions to the machine translation community are the preparation and release of the Europarl corpus, as well as the Pharaoh and Moses decoder --- all of which are widely used. The statistical machine translation that was developed under his leadership over the last years is one of the top performers in recent DARPA, IWSLT and WMT competitions. He has been organising a series of workshops on statistical machine translation at the ACL conferences with a shared task concerning the translation between European languages. He is president of the ACL Special Interest Group on Machine Translation and author of the textbook "Statistical Machine Translation". His research is funded by DARPA (GALE project) and the European Commission (EuroMatrix, EuroMatrixPlus, and LetsMT projects).

Laurie Gerber
Language Technology Consulting

Laurie GerberLaurie M. Gerber has worked in the field of translation and machine translation since 1986, including system development, research, business development, and user consulting. She had a brief stint translating Japanese>English for Sony corporation in 1989. Users and usability have been a defining interest throughout her career. She became an independent consultant in April 2008 in order to help user organizations create successes with machine translation and other language technology.

Jörg Schütz

Jörg SchützProf. Dr. Jörg Schütz is a computer scientist and founder of BIOLOOM Group with over 30 years of business experience in different ICT fields ranging from databases through language technologies to virtualization. He has consulted and lectured world-wide, is a member of several scientific and industry associations such as EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation) and LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association), and advises the European Commission as an expert, evaluator and reviewer.

His R&D results are published in over 200 scientific articles and one book on knowledge management "Terminological Knowledge in Multilingual Language Processing". Jörg is also active in standardization bodies, and working groups on exchange formats such as ITS, OLIF and SALT.

He has studied computer science, mathematics and medicine, holds a PhD in AI and Machine Translation, and received a Honorary Professorship for Machine Translation and for Information Sciences from the University of the Saarland in Saarbrücken.

Tony Hartley
University of Leeds

Tony HartleyAs director of the Centre for Translation Studies since 2001, Tony Hartley has happily reconciled two previous lives, first as a practising interpreter and translator and as a consultant in the commercial use of machine translation, then as a computational linguist working on the automatic understanding or production of text in different languages. Both these themes are reflected in the Centre's current emphases on vocational training and on designing intelligent software tools that can help professional linguists do their jobs better.

Tony held visiting appointments at Université Laval - Quebec (1982), University of Sydney (1997), CSIRO - Sydney (1998), CRL (now NICT) - Keihanna, Japan (2000), Université de Lille - France (2005-2006) and currently University of Tokyo (2009-2011).

Fred Hollowood

Fred HollowoodDr. Fred Hollowood is currently leading an internal research group in Symantec focused on deploying language technologies. His research interests include Controlled Language (CL), Machine Translation (MT) and Community Collaboration (CC). He has a 20 year history in the localisation industry starting at Xerox and currently with Symantec in Dublin. He also spent several years working with localisation vendor companies along the way.

He is currently the industrial supervisor for three Ph.D. students with Dublin based universities and an active industrial participant in the Centre for next Generation Localisation (CNGL).

Workflow solutions for localisation challenges are another key area of interest as ges Symantec leverages GMS/TMS deployment as an infrastructure layer in its automation strategy.

He balances his work in Symantec with his private consulting work.

Ilia Kaufman

Ilia KaufmanIlia Kaufman is founder and president of KCSL Inc., a software company that for over 25 years has been creating language technologies such as spell checking and grammar products. Ilia, who received a Ph.D. in systems design from the University of Waterloo, is credited with the publication of a dozen scientific articles and holds three United States patents. His and KCSL’s current focus is the development and implementation of pragmatic computerized machine translation and localization systems.